General Questions

What does DialIdol do?
What does measuring the busy signal mean?
Who should I vote for?
What's the big deal with busy signals?
How accurate are the predictions?
Are there Linux or MAC ports available?
What is margin of error?
Is DialIdol scientific?
How does DialIdol grade its accuracy?

Getting Started

What are DialIdols requirements?
Where do I enter the Idol phone numbers?
What does "Make the following Idols safe/UNsafe" mean?

Support & Troubleshooting

What can I do about the error : An error occured accessing your modem. This may occur if another program is using the modem. Please check for fax software or other software that may be interfering.
Why does DialIdol think it's not time to vote even though it is definitely time to vote?
How come I get an error when I run DialIdol from a network share?
Why can't I start dialing early?
How can I make my modem detect a busy signal?
My modem doesn't properly hang up the phone resulting in mangled dialing and invalid data submission - what's up with that?
How do I use DialIdol with the same modem that connects me to the Internet?
How do I switch between shows?
My modem is not hanging up the phone line between calls and I get a bunch of errors?
Why do I get the following message "Error gathering vital configuration information from; the application cannot continue." when I run DialIdol?

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